Did you know that over the course of a normal lifetime your feet and legs carry you about 115,000 miles? That's more than FOUR TIMES around the Earth! And yet these most useful extremities are often treated with neglect.

My name is Mark Lombardo and I have devoted my entire professional life to the prevention and treatment of foot ailments. There are many competent podiatrists in the West Orlando area, so what makes my office special? We like to treat our patients like family not just a number on a chart. I get to know each person that comes through my door.


The Greek philosopher, Socates said, "When our feet hurt, we hurt all over". If you are experiencing foot pain there is a reason and that reason can be identified and treated. You don't need to live with foot pain.

Leonardo da Vinci called the foot "a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art"! I AGREE. But even a masterpiece sometimes needs a little work. So if your masterpieces of engineering need some help, add a few miles to that 115,000 you've got coming to you and walk on in to my office. You'll walk out feeling a whole lot better.

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